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Our Commitment to a Net-Zero Partnership

Unisource Solutions is committed to fostering a healthy planet, reducing our carbon impact, and continually coming together to work toward collective change for environmental and social responsibility. Since 1987, Unisource Solutions has been promoting sustainable business practices and partnering with our clients to save money and reduce their environmental impact. Our mission is to raise awareness, continue to diminish waste, and be a part of reducing both ours and our clients’ carbon footprints. We are part of your net-zero strategy.

Unisource Solutions’ Environmental Policy

  • Implement operations initiatives that exceed our legal requirements to protect the environment and the health of our employees and customers.
  • Continue to require our service partners and the manufacturers we represent to operate at a high sustainable standard.
  • Practice pollution prevention measures for ourselves and our clients that are based in effective and efficient waste management programs via the re-use, recycling, and reduction of resources.
  • Provide decommission services that support charities through donation programs.
  • Employ a refusal policy of excess cardboard in our receiving department.
  • Encourage employee participation in onsite and offsite activities that promote and improve environmental sustainability.
  • Maintain and support a hybrid workplace model to reduce our employees’ emissions and pollution impact.

Download our Sustainability Commitment 2022 »