Custom Furniture


Designed to Inspire

Introducing a radically different solution to sourcing workplace furniture: Platform Made-to-Order by Unisource Solutions. Our in-house design and manufacturing division is founded on the belief that effective workplaces reflect and define their corporate culture, brand, and vision.

Visit the Platform website today to discover a new world of workplace furniture solutions that are designed to inspire and reflect your corporate culture and vision. Experience the difference with Platform Made-to-Order by Unisource Solutions.

Platform by Unisource Solutions Lookbook

Platform Custom Furniture Lookbook

Explore the sleek and modern designs featured in the Platform Custom Furniture Lookbook, showcasing the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Company Culture, Expressed

Across the nation, companies are working with Platform by Unisource to establish a compelling corporate image. Whether you want to introduce corporate colors into your furniture scheme or design pieces that have a distinct look and function, Platform can help. Our goal is for you to achieve affordable design solutions with a sense of ease. With us, you have greater control over how your culture is expressed, and greater control over how furniture products look, feel, and function. Your culture expressed in high-quality, unique furniture!


Take a VR tour: Visit the Platform by Unisource Solutions showroom from your own device. Click anywhere in the image to start.

Sustainability Commitment

Platform by Unisource Solutions is committed to fostering a healthy planet, reducing our carbon impact, and continually coming together to work toward collective change for environmental and social responsibility. Since 1987, Unisource Solutions has been promoting sustainable business practices and partnering with our clients to save money and reduce their environmental impact. Our mission is to raise awareness, continue to diminish waste, and be a part of reducing both ours and our clients’ carbon footprints. Each piece we build is fabricated locally, achieving the highest standards as part of the state of California. We are part of your net-zero strategy.

Enhance Culture, Brand, and Vision

Platform by Unisource Solutions elevates the concept of custom furniture to unparalleled heights of excellence and innovation. Our made-to-order furniture not only ensures that every piece fits your space with precision but also reflects your unique style and vision.

Beyond aesthetics, our custom solutions contribute to a more efficient and productive workspace, optimizing every square inch for maximum utility, aesthetics, and comfort.