The New Agile Office Transformation Handbook 

Now Updated - Best Practices for Transitioning into a Balanced Workplace
To help ease your company’s transition into a balanced workplace, we’ve compiled best practices and references to case studies to simplify your process.

Improving Corporate Culture Through Workplace Design

A Handbook on Creating Change Through Custom Furniture
Creating company culture is more than team-building exercises and employee-handbook training. It’s about creating a sense of place, where employees can self-express, take-risks, and thrive.

Optimize Your Office Space

A Handbook on Creating a Workplace that Works for You
Along with your employees, your workplace is one of your biggest assets. Investing in your employees also means investing in your office as the right office environment will help attract the best candidates.

Workplace Strategies and Services Brochure

Work With a Trusted Partner

We are the leading workspace strategy and facilities services company in California. Our experienced team brings perspective, resources, logistics, and innovative technology to ensure your workplace will perform and adapt to an ever-changing environment.