Committed to Sustainability

Unisource Solutions has a steadfast commitment to fostering a healthy planet, reducing our carbon impact, and collaborating to achieve collective change for environmental and social responsibility. We have been promoting sustainable business practices and partnering with our clients to reduce their environmental impact and save money since 1987, across all aspects of our business, including Platform, our custom furniture division. Our mission is to increase awareness, decrease waste, and help reduce both our and our clients’ carbon footprints. We recognize the impact our operations can have on the environment, and as a local dealer, service provider, and furniture manufacturer in Los Angeles, we are dedicated to minimizing that impact.
committed to sustainability

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

From the products we represent and produce, to the services we offer, we are committed to making the most of our clients’ resources while minimizing the impact on our planet. Reusing and recycling valuable corporate resources helps reduce disposal costs, minimizes unnecessary purchasing and creation of new product, and diverts tons of waste from our landfills. Here are a few steps in our process for reducing, reusing, and recycling resources:

  • Repair and refurbish viable assets and recycle them back into the workplace.
  • Our centralized recycling program diverts metal, paper, and pallets from ending as waste.
  • Repurpose items that can be down-cycled, through the facilitation of liquidation sales and large-scale donations.

Sustainable Strategies

Unisource Solutions offers comprehensive workplace strategies to companies, including office space decommissioning and net-zero partnerships. Our warehouse space is frequently utilized by clients to store their furniture assets, which we track using a sophisticated system. We strive to repurpose, refurbish, and repair these assets as needed, regardless of their location. When our clients wish to reconfigure or set up a new office, we access their inventory and redeploy it as required, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

See Our Commitment In Action

Decommission with Social Consciousness

Union Bank

Learn how we helped Union Bank reduce storage inventory by 70%, resulting in 38,769 total cubic ft of donated product with a value of $1.5M while supporting over 50 charities. 

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State Fund

While helping State Fund convert to a hybrid work model, we focused on reusing, recycling, donating, and sustainably deconstructing end-of-life products.

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Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

We helped Harbor-UCLA Medical Center relocate workspaces into a temporary building while creating an inspiring, high-functioning, low-environmental impact workplace until the campus remake is completed.

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