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Decommissioning Services

Is It Time To Decommission Your Office?

Fast and Efficient Office Decommission Services
As workplace trends evolve, many companies are shifting the structure and size of their office spaces. Are you evaluating your space usage and how it affects your overhead? Your project will always be completed on time, on budget while maintaining environmental responsibility.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
After your office decommissioning, we will provide a full report showing you how your items were diverted and/or donated, detailing weights and percentages of total tonnage.

Furniture Removal Services
Our decommissioning crew will leave your space in broom clean condition and rent ready! Our furniture removal services can include workstations, private office furniture, conference room furniture, common area furniture, cabinets and storage, seating, IT hardware and wiring, and much more.

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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

At Unisource Solutions, we help companies by providing a wide range of workplace strategies including office space decommission and net-zero partnerships. Our comprehensive decommissioning strategies utilize these four options:

Decommission with Social Conscious

Our client Union Bank came to us with a requirement to decommission multiple locations throughout California and New York. Read the Union Bank case study to see how we helped them eliminate 70% of their storage space to yield huge savings to their bottom line and support the community.

View Union Bank Case Study

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