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Law Firm Creates Ideal Office Layout, Rolls Out National Design Standards

One of the biggest hurdles facing multinational corporations is creating an office plan that consistently reflects their core values and corporate culture across numerous offices nationally or regionally. The challenges are many, from reflecting local identity to conveying the primary brand image. How do you create a uniformed experience while adhering to specifics of the building and place?  With many large firms who anticipate opening multiple locations over time, coming up with a reliable, on-brand program poses an uphill battle riddled with a matrix of subcontractors that must be equipped to deliver.

When our client, the world’s largest employment and labor law practice representing management, wanted to standardize their office layout throughout the United States, we knew exactly what to do and had the resources to do it.

Design Standards

Together with their architectural firm, Gensler, we developed a design standard and ergonomics program for their private offices and conference rooms. To strike a balance between comfort, function, cost-efficiencies, and locale, we developed a universal footprint. Comprised of standardized components, each office location is personalized with a different wood veneer finish, giving local entities input into the design of their own workspaces.

“These guidelines have allowed their facilities and design teams to create a consistent and personalized look while meeting the evolving needs of their diverse workforce.” said Doris Orozco, Account Manager, Unisource Solutions.  “We helped save them a tremendous amount of time, and have given them confidence each time theymove into a new location.” 

Dedicated Team

To provide our client with a superior customer experience, we appointed a dedicated team consisting of an account manager, designer, and product manager.  When a new office opens, the team works in unison to streamline the ordering process, quickly readying the space for use. With measurements in hand, our designer configures each work area, making sure the space is outfitted appropriately. Then, the product manager works directly with the manufacturers to order furniture to spec. Throughout, our account manager liaisons with the client team, overseeing the entire process, from initial request to final installation, tackling any issues or changes as they arise.

Rapid Response Ergonomic Stocking Program

With our client focused on employee wellbeing and prioritizing a human-centric approach to office design, we implemented an ergonomic stocking program. The program consists of monitor arms, keyboard trays, task lights, and freestanding quick stands for height adjustable desks. We warehouse individual components which can be deployed on-demand, nationwide. The program has allowed us to cut delivery time from 4-6 weeks to under two weeks.

National Network of Installers

We employ an extensive national network of installers who ascribe to our standards for performance, service infrastructure, and quality assurace. As such, each installation is seamlessly executed end-to-end with consistent customer service in every market.

The Result: National Program

Established in 2016, we’ve successfully implemented the program in multiplemarkets nationwide, including: Dallas, Houston, St, Louis, New York, San Jose, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

By employing these guidelines on a national basis, we are able to simplify the workplace design process. Moreover, we are able to provide staff with a comfortable and healthy working experience while communicating brand value at each location.

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Project at a Glance:

  • Location:
    Dallas, TX and nationwide
  • Client:
    National Law Firm
  • Size:
    26,536 square feet
  • Completion Date:
  • Architect:
  • Furniture Provider:
    Unisource Solutions
  • Resources:
    OFS, Humanscale, Creative Wood, Nucraft, and Davis Furniture