National Healthcare Insurance Company

Southwest, United States

New Innovative and Agile Workspace for National Healthcare Insurance Company

This national healthcare insurance company took an innovative, community-focused approach to workplace design, leveraging Unisource Solutions’ services to add polish to their up-cycle of a vacant department store. They built their new Southwest region call center facility in an unlikely place: a defunct Macy’s building. This is another example of a former retail space being converted into corporate offices, reflecting a new trend in commercial real estate.

Our client converted the 3-story, 375,000-sf empty retail space into a bustling office environment. They currently occupy 107,000-sf on floors 2 and 3 with plans to expand to the ground floor. Their facility services and interiors firm enlisted us to provide ~850 workstations. Furthermore, we were tasked to outfit collaborative and common areas as well as conference rooms and training facilities. With an eye towards employee wellbeing, the client specified sustainable products, folded in many ergonomic elements, and paid attention to lighting and acoustical comforts.

“The company’s vision and social awareness to create a collaborative environment for their associates while revitalizing what would have been yet another empty retail space demonstrates their commitment to employees, clients and community,” said Unisource Solutions’ Principal Debbie Fisher.

Design Nurtures Teamwork

In order to nurture the company’s teamwork culture, the multiple level facility features an “open core area” on each floor. This core area hosts a cafe and coffee stations, and plenty of room for lounging and dining. Centrally located, these social hubs are accessible for all associates. As a result, open offices radiate from these collaborative cores. Dotted between workstations are individual capsules and rooms designed for private use. Throughout, dropped ceilings ensconced with bright lights provide acoustic relief and a dynamic feel to the open offices. Workstations boast moveable monitor arms, ergonomic task chairs and adjustable keyboard trays. Their neutral color palette of soft beige and creamy white finishes, creates a cohesive look that is as inviting as it is functional.

Overcoming Challenges

Outfitting an office space in a mall came with its unique challenges. The project team tackled permitting hurdles with the planning department and overcame construction delays due to the mall environment. The team worked with the mall to safely warehouse workstations and office products until the construction schedule allowed. Moreover, installation crews were resized to meet scheduling demands. 

In true collaborative fashion, the team was able to meet the changing schedules and stressful demands of a large-scale renovation project. They proved that teamwork is the driving force behind successful programs. 

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Project at a Glance:

  • Location:
    The Southwest, United States
  • Client:
    National Healthcare Insurance Company
  • Size:
    107,000 square feet
  • Completion Date:
    September 2018
  • Furniture and Workplace Solutions:
    Unisource Solutions
  • Resources:
    Haworth workstations