M Moser Associates SF

San Francisco, California

Thoughtful Furniture Solutions Turn M Moser San Francisco Office into a Modern, Agile Workplace

M Moser Associates, a leading global architecture and interior design firm specializing in workplace environments and corporate base buildings and campuses, turned to Unisource Solutions for the modernization and expansion of their San Francisco offices. We worked with them to create an agile workplace that is a site and brand specific environment conducive to collaborative working and individual creativity.

With a bustling design practice and a clientele committed to creating effective workplaces, this was an opportunity for M Moser to showcase their design and strategy capabilities. It also gave them the chance to devise a dynamic work environment optimized for their own workforce. 

Located in the city’s Financial District in the historic Adam Grant Building, the space pays homage to the building’s architectural significance while adapting to a modern workforce. Acting as their own architects, M Moser amplified their brand identity and implemented an agile working strategy. Once a mesh of enclosed offices and underutilized areas, the refreshed space provides a range of workspaces to foster collaboration and inspire creativity.

To help realize their office vision, we outfitted the lobby, provided height-adjustable solutions for 16 workstations and furnished community areas, including two-person phone booths, meeting rooms, and an executive conference room. Referencing their brand color palette, we infused pops of orange in booth and bench spaces and throughout the workstations. Furniture is a play in materiality, juxtaposing wood with plastic and shiny surfaces with matte finishes, and clean lines with organic shapes.

To achieve a sleek, modern look, we produced a series of site-specific solutions. For their library wall — the backbone of their office — we helped custom design a bookshelf unit that extends the length of the open work areas and spills over to a collaborative space. A  refrigerator built into the wall looks like cabinetry and a custom conference table with a mounted TV seamlessly blends with the environs. 

The new agile workspace is a perfect vehicle for highlighting the company’s collaborative character and underscores their dedication for designing forward-thinking offices.

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Project at a Glance:

  • Location:
    San Francisco, California
  • Client:
    M Moser Associates
  • Size:
    3,000 sf
  • Architect/Interiors:
    M Moser Associates
  • Workspace Designer / Specifier:
    Unisource Solutions