Chatsworth Products

Simi Valley, California

Empowering IT Infrastructure with Innovative Workspace Design

When Chatsworth Products (CPI), a global manufacturer of solutions that safeguard and power the increasing investments in information and communications technology, sought to expand their brand presence with a move to a new corporate headquarters in Simi Valley, California, they turned to Unisource Solutions. The mission was clear: to design a workspace that not only reflected CPI's cutting-edge technology but also their commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation among their teams.

Our team, leveraging its deep expertise in workspace optimization and design, collaborated closely with CPI to create an environment that would serve as both a functional workspace and a showcase of CPI's technological prowess.


The heart of the project was the development of an immersive showroom. This space was specifically designed to highlight CPI's specialized IT solutions, featuring streamlined and clean cages that illustrate the company's capability to host IT infrastructure for technology companies. This environment, tailored to the needs of CPI's clientele, demonstrates how technology can be both accessible and efficiently managed.


In addition to the showroom, Unisource Solutions introduced innovative furniture solutions to support CPI's operational needs. A notable addition was a specially designed credenza that integrates a refrigerator and trash receptacle, embodying the project's theme of sleek, streamlined efficiency. The workspace was further enhanced with 50" high panels for workstations and designated collaboration areas for each department, promoting teamwork without sacrificing privacy or concentration.

This project underscores our ability to blend aesthetic considerations with functional design, creating workspaces that are both beautiful and conducive to the high demands of today’s technology-driven environments.

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