Aerospace and Defense Company

Redondo Beach, California

Fresh Approach Results in Agile Workplace for Aerospace and Defense Company

At Unisource Solutions, we believe in curating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and agile. In our recent collaboration with a leading aerospace and defense company, we sought to redefine their workspace by taking a holistic, user-centric approach. We initiated the project with an interactive workshop involving the end users, which brought forth valuable insights into their requirements and work dynamics. A recurring theme that emerged was the need for agility and adaptability.

Client Objectives

The primary objective of our client was to create an agile office environment that could seamlessly accommodate up to 20 hybrid employees. These employees required a workspace that could deftly balance their need for collaboration and individual work. They were looking for a solution that could provide them with the flexibility to adapt their workspaces according to their changing needs. The requirement was not just for a physically adaptable space, but one that could also foster agility in terms of process and communication. This demanded a thoughtful design approach that would not only maximize the use of available space but also facilitate the fluidity of movement and interaction, thereby nurturing a dynamic and agile working environment.

Project Challenges

This project presented a unique set of challenges that required a thoughtful and innovative approach to space planning. One of the main hurdles was to ensure privacy for each employee while promoting a collaborative environment. Additionally, the client requested assigned seating in the layout, which added another layer of complexity as we aimed to maintain flexibility. Another significant challenge was the creation of a dedicated focus space within the office. This required us to consider various factors such as lighting, furniture arrangement, and overall ambiance to foster concentration and productivity. Lastly, improving the acoustics of the workspace was critical to reducing noise distractions and creating a comfortable work environment.


In response to the unique challenges presented by this project, we devised an innovative workplace design strategy that struck a balance between fixed and flexible working areas.

Versatile and Functional

We incorporated two meeting/collaboration tables while making the rest of the space versatile and functional with height-adjustable desks.

Distinctive Style

To create a distinctive sense of style and atmosphere in the main meeting area, we included a Haworth Pergola – a freestanding architectural workspace – creating a unique and inviting space where people can get away to connect, collaborate, or focus.

Lounge Space

Adjacent to the Pergola, we created a lounge space equipped with laptop tables and ample power outlets, providing employees with a comfortable spot to work or take a break while still staying connected. This allowed them to quickly move between tasks without worrying about finding an available outlet.

Focus Space

To accommodate the need for uninterrupted, deep work, we included a focus room, providing a tranquil space for concentrated task completion.

Huddle Room

For private meetings, we designed a huddle room, complete with a Buzzi Light and a wall-to-wall marker board, perfect for brainstorming sessions or confidential meetings.

Privacy and Acoustics

To ensure privacy and reduce noise distractions, we incorporated phone booths into the layout. These dedicated spaces provide a quiet refuge for employees to make or receive calls without disturbing the workflow of others.

For enhanced functionality and improved acoustics, we integrated acoustical planters, light, and acoustical tiles by Buzzi into the office layout. These additions not only visually elevated the space but also significantly improved the sound quality within the workspace, reducing noise distractions and enhancing overall comfort.

To infuse the new space with a sense of nature and tranquility, we strategically incorporated high-quality artificial plants into the design. These maintenance-free elements brought a refreshing touch of greenery, creating a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Coffee Bar+

The true centerpiece of this workspace is undoubtedly the coffee bar. Our team transformed it into a vibrant and inviting hub by incorporating bright-colored stools, effectively making it a focal point within the office. As an added touch, and in response to the users' request for a fun element, we suspended a disco ball for those times when the team just needs to let off a little steam!

The coffee bar thus serves as much more than just a place to grab a cup of joe - it's a central, dynamic space that truly embodies the spirit of the agile, user-centered workspace we aimed to create.

End Results

The end result of this project was a workspace that embodied the spirit of agility, collaboration, and concentration. Our team's thoughtful design approach enabled us to create an environment where users could move fluidly between tasks while still maintaining their individual privacy. By leveraging high-quality materials and innovative features such as acoustical planters, light fixtures, artificial plants, height-adjustable desks, and more, we were able to craft a space that both looks great and functions optimally for our client’s needs. We are proud to have been part of creating a workplace that is highly versatile yet also inspiring – one in which employees can be productive without sacrificing comfort or style!

Project at a Glance:

  • Location:
    Redondo Beach, California
  • Size:
    1,802 Square Feet
  • Special Features:
    Phone booths, Buzzi planters, Disco ball 🪩
  • Resources:
    Haworth Pergola
    Haworth Cabana
    Egan Markerboards
    Framery Booths