Advanced Bionics

Santa Clarita, California

Comprehensive Office Transformation for Advanced Bionics

The Advanced Bionics project showcases Unisource Solution's commitment to delivering comprehensive, adaptive, and sustainable office solutions. Despite not being updated for over 30 years, our team successfully repurposed 80% of the existing infrastructure, simultaneously modernizing the workspace and minimizing environmental impact. We undertook a meticulous inventory, refurbishment, and repair process, and worked closely with designers to reimagine the workspace. Our transformative approach invigorated the physical environment and introduced flexible and efficient workstations catering to contemporary work styles.

Client Objectives

The client had distinct objectives that guided our approach to this project. Their primary aim was to downsize workstations and reuse as many existing materials as possible, in an effort to save costs and promote sustainability. In line with these principles, we donated a portion of the excess inventory to two local churches. The client also desired a refreshed aesthetic that would reflect their brand identity and pay homage to their international presence, with their headquarters situated in Switzerland. This was accomplished through a meticulous selection of new upholstery, for which we presented five color schemes before settling on the final design. Their objectives drove our strategy, resulting in a renovated workspace that is both cost-effective and environmentally responsible, while also serving their operational needs and brand image.


The success of this project was further enhanced through our collaboration with our partners. Laura Vavrunek, a designer from FS Design Group based in San Diego, provided guidance and innovative design concepts that were instrumental in creating a workspace that balanced functionality with aesthetic appeal. Construction company Parker Brown provided the flooring requirements.


The project presented an array of challenges that tested our adaptive and strategic capabilities. A significant challenge was managing the numerous components involved in this project. Ensuring that the essential parts were retained while facilitating donations required careful coordination and precise timing.

The urgency to donate as soon as possible added another layer of complexity. To overcome these hurdles, we utilized a portion of our own Unisource stock of parts and pieces for the Haworth workstations that were needed immediately.

Moreover, creating a strategic design that would align with the client's aesthetic and functional demands, while also embodying their Swiss roots, posed a demanding but rewarding challenge.


In response to these challenges, we initiated a comprehensive solution strategy. First, we conducted an extensive inventory of all office elements, moving them to our warehouse for refurbishment. We reupholstered fabric tiles for workstations and panels, cleaned all seating, and repaired any broken parts. In collaboration with our designer, we identified client needs and transformed standard 8x8 workstations into versatile touchdown stations featuring 4-foot flat surfaces with small mobile pedestals. Additionally, we create benching and 5'x5' workstations.

Where necessary, we customized workstations and support legs, always prioritizing the reuse of as many components as possible. For the parts we couldn't salvage, we placed orders to complete the project promptly, ensuring a seamless transition to the newly configured workspace.

Unisource Solutions transforms Advanced Bionics' office, blending sustainability and modern design, to offer a workspace that reflects their brand identity.