PAC 12

A powerhouse media company that connects fans with their favorite sports teams and universities, PAC-12 was looking to change their space to better represent the company brand and modernize their approach to media and broadcasting. Unisource Solutions was especially excited to face this challenge, as it required us to redesign more than just conference rooms and private offices — we also reenergized their taping studio and staging areas.

After studying the workflow and management style at PAC-12, we decided to focus on the drive behind the company — the teams and universities they represent. With logos and colors displayed throughout the space, we optimized the PAC-12 offices to ensure no one forgets the passion and energy behind the sports everyone loves.

Key Objectives:

  • Express the Company Brand
  • Modernization
  • Optimization

With a comprehensive approach to office management, Unisource Solutions can offer you the tracking, storage, and design options you need for a better workflow and an effective, custom office space.