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Workspace Optimization

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Unisource Solutions is California’s Leading Workplace Strategy, Services, and Solutions Provider for the Agile Office

Platform Furniture Brochure
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Custom and Customizable Workplace Furniture

A new concept in workplace, hospitality, and retail furniture

Corporate Culture and Workplace Design
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Improving Corporate Culture Through Workplace Design

Tips on creating change through custom furniture

Agile Office and Balanced Workplace
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The Agile Office Transformation Handbook

Best practices on transitioning into a balanced workplace

Does Your Space Work for the People that Work for You?

Your workplace is defined by those who inhabit it: People who can work anywhere, are multi-generational, and crave both collaboration and focus. Workspace optimization keeps people engaged, productive and energized. Unisource Solutions brings the perspective, resources, products and logistics to make your workspace work. We identify your needs, interpret your culture and analyze your objectives to design your space, source your furnishings, execute your projects and support your ever-changing work environment. Learn how Unisource Solutions provides workplace optimization for the agile office.

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  • 7 Design Tips for Workplace Wellness

    Posted on October 2, 2019

    Research shows that a quality workplace can help reduce stress, improve productivity, and spur employee engagement and collaboration. As a result, taking a human-centered design approach is becoming the norm in office design.  Read More

  • Hot Topic: 5 Ways to Integrate Biophilia into the Workplace

    Posted on September 10, 2019

    Integrative biophilic design is a hot topic in the workplace. As corporations rethink their building environments and strive to create healthier, more productive spaces, owners, architects and designers, are looking at ways to connect employees to the natural world.  Read More