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Workspace Optimization

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Unisource Solutions is California’s Leading Workplace Strategy, Services, and Solutions Provider for the Agile Office

Optimize Your Office Space
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Create a Workspace that Works for You

Cost-Saving Tips and Real-World Examples of Successful Design

Corporate Culture and Workplace Design
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Improving Corporate Culture Through Workplace Design

Tips on Creating Change Through Custom Furniture

Agile Office and Balanced Workplace
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The Agile Office Transformation Handbook

Best Practices on Transitioning into a Balanced Workplace

Does Your Space Work for the People that Work for You?

Your workplace is defined by those who inhabit it: People who can work anywhere, are multi-generational, and crave both collaboration and focus. Workspace optimization keeps people engaged, productive and energized. Unisource Solutions brings the perspective, resources, products and logistics to make your workspace work. We identify your needs, interpret your culture and analyze your objectives to design your space, source your furnishings, execute your projects and support your ever-changing work environment. Learn how Unisource Solutions provides workplace optimization for the agile office.

Recent Articles

  • Finally! A Furniture Strategy That Meets Your Production Needs

    Posted on March 18, 2019

    Does this scenario sound familiar: Your mini-series just got green-lighted (it’s one of ten shows this year) and shooting begins in 3-months. You’re tasked with setting-up the production office to accommodate a staff of 100. Corporate assigned the show to a small office across the street because all other offices are occupied. You ask yourself, how the #$*&% am i going to get 100 people in this production office let alone find enough desks to outfit it by go time? Your facility manager said there are desks in the storage unit that you are free to use. You sigh relief. But then you peek inside and see a maze of disassembled desks, chairs stacked high, and random couches and bulky boxes strewn about. Now, what?

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  • The Curated Workstyle – Where Design, Selection and Procurement Come Together

    Posted on March 5, 2019

    Personalizing the workplace experience is not an easy task. With today’s diverse workforce and modern working habits, discovering what office furniture works best can be overwhelming. That’s why working with an experienced furniture partner is so important. Choosing the right partner can save money and time, as well as produce the kind of results that really work. 

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  • Reimagining the Corporate Campus with Sonos

    Posted on February 27, 2019

    As a leading consumer tech company, Sonos is known for their high-quality, easy to use products. True to their brand values, they have reimagined their own corporate campus. The re-designed and expanded headquarters promotes their company culture through design. True to their sunny location in Santa Barbara, California, a focus on healthy life and work styles resonates throughout the space and and is a priority within the company culture.

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