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Workplace Optimization

We provide strategy, services, and products for the agile office.

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Welcome to Simple™

We are the leading workspace strategy, workspace planning, and facilities services company in California. Our experienced team brings design and procurement, perspective, resources, logistics, and innovative technology to ensure your workplace will perform and adapt to an ever-changing environment.

  • Achieve hybrid workplace success
  • Build dynamic culture and employee engagement
  • Enhance teamwork and collaboration
  • Nurture healthy environments
  • Create inspiring spaces with custom furniture on time and on budget

Recent Articles

5 Critical Components of High-Performing Workplace Design
5 Critical Components of High-Performing Workplace Design
Posted on February 5, 2024

In an era where workplace culture is recognized as a core driver of business success, design plays a pivotal role. It’s not just about aesthetics; successful workplace design is a harmonious blend of...

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Social Spaces: 4 Trends in Law Firm Office Design
Social Spaces: 4 Trends in Law Firm Office Design
Posted on January 30, 2024

In the post-pandemic era, the design of law firm offices has taken on new significance, evolving beyond a mere workspace into an emblem of the firm's culture and values. There is an increasing...

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Successful Space Decommissioning Strategies
Successful Space Decommissioning Strategies
Posted on January 12, 2024

In an era where sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity, the importance and relevance of effective office decommissioning strategies can't be overstated. These strategies are vital in...

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