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Workspace Optimization

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Unisource Solutions is California’s Leading Workplace Strategy, Services, and Solutions Provider for the Agile Office

Optimize Your Office Space
Optimize your office spaceeBook Download
Create a Workspace that Works for You

Cost-Saving Tips and Real-World Examples of Successful Design

Corporate Culture and Workplace Design
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Improving Corporate Culture Through Workplace Design

Tips on Creating Change Through Custom Furniture

Agile Office and Balanced Workplace
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The Agile Office Transformation Handbook

Best Practices on Transitioning into a Balanced Workplace

Does Your Space Work for the People that Work for You?

Your workplace is defined by those who inhabit it: People who can work anywhere, are multi-generational, and crave both collaboration and focus. Workspace optimization keeps people engaged, productive and energized. Unisource Solutions brings the perspective, resources, products and logistics to make your workspace work. We identify your needs, interpret your culture and analyze your objectives to design your space, source your furnishings, execute your projects and support your ever-changing work environment. Learn how Unisource Solutions provides workplace optimization for the agile office.

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    Posted on August 5, 2019

    This year, we’re seeing more companies shift to a balanced, agile office concept. They are adopting design practices that optimize the workspace, paving the path for innovative design solutions that cater to a diverse, multigenerational staff.  Read More

  • Workplace Design: The Not So Hidden Aspects of a Well-Designed Office

    Posted on July 26, 2019

    So, you’ve decided to upgrade your office and swap out the dated desks and wobbly chairs with bright white workstations and sleek ergonomic office chairs. Before you finalize your furniture budget, take a step back and look at the office holistically.  Read More

  • Demystifying Custom Office Furniture

    Posted on July 15, 2019

    We are seeing the beginning of the golden age of custom office furniture. What used to be a luxury item, expensive and time consuming is now ubiquitous.  Read More