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Accommodating both planned and unplanned space requirements for people and initiatives vary greatly from year to year. Meeting the challenges for space-on-demand while balancing flexibility, efficiency, and technology demand solutions that adapt as quickly as you need to.  How do you get bigger without getting bigger?

A special set of skills is required to transform everyday offices into progressive work environments that take knowledge sharing and collaboration to new levels. At Unisource Solutions we provide tools and expertise to optimize your space to fuel your growth without increasing your footprint. We make the most of your space by integrating analytics, design and execution through, Smart Office Solutions™  Occupancy management and  On-Demand™ products and spaces. By providing actionable data, we can forecast occupancy levels and maximize your space.

We work hard to understand what drives your business and motivates your employees, so we can customize a solution that matches your priorities, preferences and price. From concept to completion, you can trust our team to design a modern, efficient and effective workspace that brings out the best in your business, saving you time, keeping you focused and bolstering your bottom line.


Smart Office Solutions

Our ability to plan, execute and manage smart office solutions projects is key to our success. Our staff will analyze your current conditions, identify your specific needs and devise a strategy to make the most efficient use of your office space and the most productive use of your office furnishings. Take your business to the next level with a modern, simplified workspace.

Installation and Relocation Services

We have become the most extensive and experienced moving and installation company in our industry, employing a large professional staff and providing them with state-of-the-art data tracking tools. Let us do the heavy lifting — and the installation — while you stay focused on keeping your business running smoothly.

Inventory Management

We provide the best information management support available to keep track of your furniture. Employing advanced web-based technology, we bring furniture inventories, drawings, space allocation data, work order status, and customized benchmarking reports directly to your desktop. Our inventory management services save you resources, money and — most importantly — time.

Our Portfolio of Success

Hudson Pacific

Hudson Pacific, one of the top real estate companies in Los Angeles, understands the value of one’s property. That’s why they reached out to Unisource Solutions when they wanted to get the most out of their office space.

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As proactive construction experts, Shawmut was looking for an office space that represented their mission and their brand. They came to Unisource Solutions hoping to build a modern space, optimized for their workflow and management structure.

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As global storytellers, A + E Networks is always striving to put people, programming, and partnerships at the center of everything they do. To ensure a cohesive, inspiring vision, A + E Networks turned to Unisource Solutions for an office space redesign.

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Kite Pharma

A company on the forefront of medical research and a goal to cure cancer, Kite Pharma came to Unisource Solutions to find ways to improve their productivity, collaboration, and agility.

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Dole Packaged Foods

Dole Packaged Foods, the world’s largest supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, wanted their headquarters to be a place where employees could truly flourish. Find out how Unisource Solutions helped make their vision a reality.

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When Activision needed a little more room to play, they called on Unisource to provide the solution. See how we answered the call of duty at the video game company’s Southern California offices.

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M Moser SF

Discover the incredible results of the collaboration between Unisource Solutions and M Moser SF, one of the country’s leading architectural firms specializing in workspace strategy and design.

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PAC 12

A powerhouse media company that connects fans with their favorite sports teams and universities, PAC-12 was looking to change their space to better represent the company brand and modernize their approach to media and broadcasting.

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Innovative Change Management

The hallmark of our end-to-end services is our tireless team of people: intent listeners, big-picture thinkers, detailed task masters and creative problem solvers all of whom coordinate and collaborate with you endlessly until the job is completed to your exact specifications.

Through our years of experience and our extensive portfolio, we’ve built partnerships with some of the leaders in the industry. We source our products from companies all over the world to ensure you have access to the very best in ergonomics, quality and design.

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At Unisource Solutions, we design and create office spaces that simply work. From planning, consulting, and furniture storage management, you can count on us to put your interests first.

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