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From Work Space to Care Space

Foster Community
Create spaces that reach beyond traditional healthcare settings. Design branded environments that connect people through residential warmth and hospitality

Engage Patients
Design spaces that provide safety, comfort and dignity in a healthcare experience

Empower Caregivers
To achieve the best outcomes for patients, team-based care relies on the individual caregivers to do their best work. Supportive shared workspaces with user flexibility for settings for focus and collaboration from a high performance work environment

Nurture Culture
Spaces that offer variety in application support the range of tasks healthcare professionals accomplish throughout the day. Solutions that help people perform their best while creating a cohesive look throughout the facility.

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Case Studies

Sutter Health

Sutter Health

See how we managed 4,600 pieces of hospital equipment and reduced our timeline by 30%—all while this critical healthcare facility remained operating during pandemic conditions.
USC Keck Medical School

USC Keck Medical School

The University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine is one of the nation’s premier medical research institutes.
National Healthcare Insurance Company

National Healthcare Insurance Company

Our client took an innovative and agile approach to workplace design to add polish to their up-cycle of a vacant department store.


Prioritizing Patient Experience in Healthcare Design

Designers are creating spaces that cater to a gentler patient experience while also taking into consideration staff and visitors. Providing excellent patient care begins with providing spaces that leave a lasting impression; a place where patients, visitors, and providers feel comfortable, and where patients and staff can thrive.

Workplace Design Takes a Cue from the Hospitality Sector

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, attracting and retaining top talent is top of mind. So how do you use the office environment as a tool to lure the best and the brightest? One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in office design is the integration of hospitality elements.

Post-Pandemic: The Future of Workplace Strategy

What does the workplace look like after COVID-19? We brought together a panel of experts focusing on what to expect in the post-pandemic workplace. Moderated by industry veteran Rick Bartlett, Unisource Solutions, the discussion covers topics including workplace and architectural strategy, occupancy management and workspace optimization.

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